BriefCam Video Analytics for Enhanced
Casino Security & Operations

BriefCam-for-Casino-SecurityFor casino establishments, preserving order, property, security, and legal compliance is always top of mind. While security assets, such as video surveillance, play a vital role in casino operations, investments in public safety infrastructure are difficult to justify: Measuring financial return is more challenging for physical security. However, security as well as operations, sales, merchandising, and marketing can measurably increase efficiencies by leveraging impactful technologies that derive actionable data for informed decision-making. To remain agile and competitive, casinos must utilize investments effectively and cross-functionally to increase returns and deliver an optimal experience to their guests.

The BriefCam Video Content Analytics Platform empowers casinos to leverage existing video surveillance investments to increase safety and security, optimize operations, and manage visitor traffic throughout their property. By transforming video into business intelligence, a casino can make strategic decisions across business units, maximizing the impact of business results, physical security, and guest experiences.


Accelerate Investigations

Search and filter video with speed and precision based on an ever-expanding set of object class and attribute combinations, including appearance similarity, face and license plate recognition, guest demographics, and more. Clear false claims, reduce litigation, and understand incidents post-event.

Detect Suspicious Behavior

Maintain order and integrity at your establishment by managing watchlists and recognizing, in real-time, people of interest, known or repeat card counting offenders, and banned visitors. Trigger alerts to protect restricted areas from unauthorized entry.

Manage Safe Occupancy

Monitor the number of people in every space to ensure public safety, comply with occupancy regulations, and understand unique guest traffic throughout the property.


Aggregate & Analyze Video Insights

Derive data reports for uncovering trends, demographic and behavioral insights, and popular areas of interest to drive intelligent decision-making and targeted engagement with guests.

Direct & Deploy Staff

Develop employee watchlists to evaluate and aggregate staff traffic, uncover patterns, and create plans for effective distribution throughout the venue.

Trigger Maintenance

Enable count–based alerts and trigger notifications for cleaning crews when more than a certain number of people have entered a space. Such data points help retailers make intelligent decisions about placing products or displays. Data-driven heat maps and trend reports empower purchasing and marketing staff with product popularity insights, and help store designers see common paths and traffic bottlenecks.


Detect & Prevent Queues & Crowding

Increase real-time situational awareness for occupancy management as well as queue and crowd control for lobbies, slot machines, and game tables. Set count-based alerts to enable the proactive deployment of staff to redirect traffic, as needed.

Enhance Space Utilization

Quantify traffic patterns and develop heat maps to uncover the most popular pathways, entrances, game tables, and slot machines. Develop effective layouts, product placement, and targeted advertising by understanding traffic flows and trends.

Track VIP Traffic

Enhance situational awareness of VIP traffic, including triggering real-time alerts upon arrival and parking to ensure special guests receive VIP services upon entry and in location specific areas such as VIP card tables and dining areas.

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