Video Surveillance & Physical Security Industry Viewpoints
May 23rd, 2017

Video Security is a Challenge at Universities, Schools and Colleges

Universities, colleges and schools are constantly challenged with how to ensure the safety and wellbeing of students and staff. According to Campus Safety, the majority of campuses believe video surveillance is the answer to their security needs. In fact, more than 9 in 10 campuses have installed surveillance cameras, and 79% of the campuses without cameras plan to install them in the next 3 years.

On top of managing campus security, many educational institutions function as a mini-city alongside a profitable business, entailing various additional challenges.

Not to underestimate the importance of security and its connection video surveillance cameras, but that’s a no brainer. The more intriguing questions would be:

1. Can the video from the campus cameras be used more effectively, enhancing security?

2. Can the same video from the cameras be used for additional applications beyond security?

One solution addresses both questions: video analytics.

To answer question #1, by using video analytics based on the VIDEO SYNOPSIS® solution campuses can review hours of video in just minutes, while applying sophisticated search filters to quickly find what they’re looking for. With the ability to review video rapidly, institutions can cover their entire campus –  indoors and outdoors – with cameras, ensuring full coverage and control at all times. After all, what’s the point of a surveillance camera without an effective way to make use of what the camera is recording.

The answer to question #2 requires keeping an open mind: the right video analytics solution can use the same video from campus cameras for other purposes than security. Without having to install additional software.


The required video footage is processed only once and then manipulated per demand for various applications. When dealing with theft or attack on campus, the security department would review the relevant video and by applying the VIDEO SYNOPSIS capability could achieve faster time-to-target with accurate investigation results, while managing future events proactively.

Then, using the same video analytics software other stakeholders in the institute could generate statistical reports, enabling them to understand if and where there is a liability issue, such as a slippery path, lack of light, crowded exit, intruder, lack of privacy, etc.

From a business perspective, this is where applying video analytics can be a real game changer: using the same video data to improve operations across campus, monitoring relevant activities, ensuring student satisfaction, gaining insights for future expansion of the campus, etc.

Market experts believe that security technology for campuses will become even stronger than it was in 2016. And, with video analytics playing a key role, security is just the tip of the iceberg.