Video Surveillance & Physical Security Industry Viewpoints
May 2nd, 2024
Author: Muhammad Sheikh

Analytics Insights: Security Technology in the Arena of Public Events

Originally published on Source Security.

How is technology contributing to security in the arena of public events?

Technology is increasingly playing a pivotal and comprehensive role in enhancing events management: From heightening safety and security, preventing vandalism and hooliganism, and delivering critical real-time situational awareness to providing traffic and crowd insights, event managers are realizing the full scope of their security tech stack for evolving applications. Increasing control, accelerating responsiveness, and democratizing data access ensure safety teams can stay ahead of potential challenges.

Events, such as the upcoming Paris Olympics, highlight the importance of managing mass attendance across an expansive landscape. By integrating and relying on AI & CCTV technologies, security personnel are empowered with more visibility for faster decision-making and emergency response. These technologies will also support rapid incident analysis both for immediate investigations and long-term strategy improvements to increase ongoing effectiveness.

A technology-driven approach ensures a comprehensive safety net, that not only guarantees security, but also guest experience, while also balancing the critical role of human security personnel with the responsible use of tools and tactics that augment their abilities and capacity for securing the environment.

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About the Author
Muhammad Sheikh is the Regional Sales Director, Middle East, for BriefCam, the leading provider of video analytics solutions that enable people, communities, and companies of any size to unlock the value of video surveillance content. As a leader with two decades of experience providing sales consultancy to government and aviation entities across the region, Muhammad brings extensive subject matter expertise to the security arena and has been instrumental to the growth and development of BriefCam in EMEA.