Discover How Video Analytics
Addresses Major Hospital Challenges

On Demand Webinar

Are you interested in unlocking the transformative potential of video analytics in healthcare? In this webinar we delve into the pivotal role of video analytics in addressing major challenges faced by hospitals and healthcare facilities. This is a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights from video analytics insiders.

Key Discussion Topics Include:

  • Edge vs. on-premises analytics: Choosing the optimal solution
  • Patient elopement: Ensuring patient safety and security
  • Threatening visitors: Strategies for prevention and response
  • Much more!

Watch the replay as our panel including Regional Sales Director, Jeff Morton, and Account & Product Marketing Manager, Tristan Foro, engage in an informative discussion on the pressing challenges hospitals encounter and how they effectively utilize video analytics to overcome them. Whether you’re responsible for security management, patient safety, or operational efficiency, this webinar offers tailored insights to drive positive change in your organization.

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