Guide to Optimizing Property & Operations Management

Drive Productivity with Video Analytics

property manager's ebook

Video analytics empowers property managers to enhance visitor engagement, encourage guest loyalty, and optimize guest amenities in order to drive revenue for both property and tenants.

This eBook explains how you can reinvent the way your venues deliver and track operational efficiency, safety, and security in order to take the visitor experience to the next level. Historically, property managers have relied on anecdotal observations when making important operational decisions. But now, video analytics data can provide better visibility into footfall traffic patterns, visitor demographics, and can even display how visitors interact within a property so managers have actionable, quantifiable data to inform facility-related decisions and strategies. Video analytics helps you respond to evolving customer experience needs by empowering property optimization and operational efficiency.

Download this eBook to discover how to:

  • Support cost efficient facility operations with heatmaps and footfall counting features. 
  • Reveal venue hot spots, common paths, and obstacles through digestible trend-driven data.
  • Improve marketing efforts by understanding on-site behavior of target customer profiles. 

Join the most customer-centric venues around the globe and start optimizing your customer experience and operations. 

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