Technology & Intelligence for driving Safety and Sustainability [REPLAY]

Presented by Axis & BriefCam

Axis Webinar

According to a study from the United Nations , half of humanity – 3.5 billion people – live in cities today and this number is estimated to rise to 5 billion people by 2030, putting great pressure on city authorities to find new ways to develop and manage urban areas, while still maintaining citizens’ life quality and safety. Cities will have to use their technology and human resources more effectively. In short—they’ll have to work smarter.

Cities are expected to keep up with available tech advances and are faced with the great challenge of integrating them into holistic solutions for security, city planning, and health and environmental regulatory compliance.

In this joint session with BriefCam and Axis Communications, we get perspective from Smart City experts on the role video technologies play in providing reliable data and statistics to the various authorities – from law enforcement to traffic management and environmental monitoring– and how that data is used to make critical decisions and a city thrive.

Join us for a conversation on the latest Smart City video technology initiatives and learn:

  • Why collaboration between various city departments and breaking down data silos is critical to a city’s stability and success.
  • How scalable video technology is being used to reduce the crime rate, ensure health compliance and optimize pedestrian and vehicle traffic flow, and how to monitor these trends over time, and enable proactive response with real-time alerting.
  • What factors and complexities cities are considering as they select video tools and infrastructures to support their smart initiatives.