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August 22nd, 2012

BriefCam presenting Version 2.3 at ASIS 2012

New features come in response to user requests from growing BriefCam installed base, meeting real-world needs, and with enhanced support for Genetec, Milestone and OnSSI

Neve Ilan, Israel, August 22, 2012 – BriefCam®(, the developer and provider of the VIDEO SYNOPSIS® solution for rapid reviewing, analyzing and indexing of video, will launch Version 2.3 of its award-winning VS Forensics and VS Enterprise products at ASIS 2012.

The BriefCam VIDEO SYNOPSIS is an innovative solution for rapid video review. On average, 1 hour of footage can be reviewed in 1 minute. This is accomplished by presenting all events simultaneously, even if they have occurred at different times. All events may be indexed back to the original with a single mouse click.

Version 2.3 is a significant advance in BriefCam’s VIDEO SYNOPSIS solution, with refinements that include:

  • Enhanced object detection in extreme video conditions: dark, low contrast, very small objects, grainy/noisy video.
  • Improved object tracking allowing for easier traceability.
  • Upgraded video quality: supporting high resolution cameras of between 1-3 megapixels.
  • Convenient tracking of individual events using the mouse wheel.
  • Annotation function to facilitate collaboration between investigators.

These features come in addition to already existing functions such as time-stamps, event markers, Area of Interest / Area of Exclusion, event density and runtime speed — all of which enable operators to control the process of video review with greater speed and efficiency.

The BriefCam product range comprises VS Forensics, an offline version for post-event investigation; and VS Enterprise, which provides both real-time and post-event VIDEO SYNOPSIS capability, either as a plug-in or embedded to the VMS.

Since winning the Accolades Award for Surveillance at ASIS 2011, BriefCam has deepened its technology partnerships; VS Enterprise Version 2.3 is embedded tightly within Genetec; Milestone; and OnSSI VMS products.

Dror Irani, CEO & President of BriefCam, said: “Version 2.3 marks another step in product maturity for BriefCam. Taking note of feedback from our growing install base in the US, EMEA and APAC regions – in particular China – we were able to develop a set of refinements to meet their requirements. For example, the new annotation function lets investigators mark an object, add relevant text and export the video data in one click for sharing with colleagues and/or supervisors.”

“We set out to address the industry trend towards megapixel cameras. This need was particularly acute in the North American market where our installed user base is weighted towards law enforcement – including a previously announced contract with a major US federal agency – and Safe City projects using high resolution cameras.”

“On the flip side, we are also aware that not all surveillance video is perfect and that a large percentage of footage suffers from graininess, noise, lighting difficulties and contrast problems. Developing algorithms to deal with these real-world challenges were a top priority for us, and we’re very proud of the result: enhanced object detection that can isolate objects, from large to very small, and under extreme conditions.”

“All of the above are real needs from the field where BriefCam products are being used successfully to review hours of video in minutes, increase operator efficiency and open up a range of possibilities for recorded video’s true potential,” Irani said.

BriefCam will present Version 2.3 for VS Forensics and VS Enterprise at ASIS 2012 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA on September 10-12, Booth #350.