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July 6th, 2021

BriefCam Business Case Assessment Helps Video Analytics Users Identify How to Realize Value from Video

New Tool Provides Personalized Recommendations on Use of Video Analytics for Video Review, Incident Response, and Trend Analysis

BOSTON, MA., July 6, 2021BriefCam, the industry’s leading provider of video content analytics solutions, today released its new Business Case Assessment, designed to help organizations and individual technology users understand how to best leverage video content analytics for their specific needs. The tool can be accessed at

Most organizations understand the traditional benefits of video surveillance for security purposes. The introduction of intelligent video analytics makes the video content searchable, actionable, and quantifiable for security stakeholders, as well as operations, customer experience, and business development users across an organization. BriefCam Business Case Assessment provides guidance by identifying the video analytics use cases most relevant and useful for each industry, organization, and user profile, and demonstrates how different stakeholders can derive intelligence and drive efficiencies across organizations, business units, and departments.

The assessment tool provides a questionnaire to analyze information about one’s organization, its industry, and key function, and provides guidance on the three benefits of video analytics for that profile type.

BriefCam’s comprehensive software solution enables organizations to rapidly review, alert on, and analyze their video surveillance content, with industry-leading accuracy, performance, and user experience. Whether an organization requires instant intelligence, needs to understand a recent incident, or has long-term planning goals in mind, BriefCam can:

  • Accelerate video investigation based on object classification filters, including: object type, size, direction, speed, as well as appearance similarity, face matching and license plate recognition.
  • Alert on critical events such as suspicious behaviors and long queues, and drive real-time assessment and response.
  • Provide trend data and customizable dashboards to paint a full picture of traffic and activity for operational decision making.

“The adoption of video analytics has extended beyond the traditional use cases of safety and security to include business intelligence,” said Stephanie Weagle, BriefCam CMO. “BriefCam Business Case Assessment enables organizations can further realize the value of their video and extend the use of video analytics to best support their business needs.”

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