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January 11th, 2024

BriefCam Achieves Over 25% YoY Growth Driven through Customer-Centric Product Innovation and Portfolio Expansion

BriefCam’s 2023 video analytics innovation fueled double digit growth in 2023, and its 2024 customer-centric 2024 technology roadmap targets continued growth through value driven solutions

Boston, MA (Jan 11, 2024) BriefCam®, a leader in innovative AI-driven video analytics solutions, today announced four consecutive quarters of double digit growth through a robust portfolio of new platform-based features and products, expanded architectures and integration capabilities, and enhanced customer services delivered in 2023.

As a Canon owned, aligned, and backed company, BriefCam has been focused on growth and maintaining market leadership, since its acquisition by Canon in 2018. “2023 was a significant year for BriefCam, demonstrating the company’s continuous commitment to delivering competitive, differentiated product offerings,” said Seymour Liebman, BriefCam chairman and senior Canon executive. “Looking ahead to 2024, BriefCam will continue investing into the business to continually drive technology innovation and the infrastructure needed to deliver a customer-centric global value chain.”

Marking 15 years since the company’s inception and almost 20 since the original VIDEO SYNOPSIS® patent, 2023 included significant product innovation and portfolio expansion milestones for BriefCam, driven by the demands of the expansive industries served by BriefCam Video Analytics solutions.

“BriefCam has a strong reputation as innovators and first movers within the video analytics market. We continue to reinforce this reputation by consistently investing into our technology, software, and responsible use policies and practices,” said Igal Dvir, Chief Technology Officer. “Our meaningful investments in R&D and Product leadership and teams demonstrate the strategic value we continue to place on market-leading research, development, and delivery, anchored in a foundational understanding of the demands and needs of the ever-evolving industries we serve.”

In early 2023, BriefCam released 2023 M1, introducing expanded intelligence and forensic capabilities to its platform-based portfolio of market-leading video analytics, including a new, patent-pending innovation Custom ClassifID, which empowers each organization to define additional object classes for video search, alerting, and intelligence, on top of the ever-expanding set of detected classes available in the BriefCam Video Analytics Platform. This major launch also delivered expanded capabilities surrounding proactive alerting and an enhanced suite of custom business intelligence dashboards.

On target with its innovation roadmap, BriefCam is actively launching its next platform generation 2024 M1 release, replete with multi-site management products, new analytic capabilities, enhanced deployment architectures, and expanded VMS integrations. This is on the heels of announcing new streamlined and scalable hardware plus software packaged solutions, BriefCam in a Box, released in November 2023 to North America.

BriefCam’s technology releases of the past 24 months align to a corporate culture shift initiated in H2 2022, when BriefCam coupled its strategic focus on customer-centricity across all functional business groups with impactful investments in expanding the leadership team, recruiting department heads with proven track records of business advancement. Currently, BriefCam is under the capable and trusted leadership headed by Seymour Liebman, BriefCam Chairman and senior Canon executive, and longstanding company leader Michal Hillel, BriefCam Chief Operating & Financial Officer. BriefCam’s extended leadership team includes a diverse set of women and men with years of experience and success across focus industries, regions, culture, customer, and business models.

With BriefCam 2024 M1 launching to the market, a robust leadership demonstrating impact, a strong innovation roadmap rolling out throughout 2024, and the continued backing of Canon, BriefCam is poised to continue delivering best in class video analytics solutions that translate video into tangible impact for communities and companies of all sizes worldwide.

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BriefCam® is the leading provider of video analytics software that enables people, companies, and communities to unlock the value of video surveillance content. Delivering accurate, flexible, and comprehensive solutions, BriefCam’s video analytics platform provides valuable insights for accelerating investigations, increasing situational awareness, and enhancing operational intelligence for organizations ranging from law enforcement and government agencies to retail and hospitality businesses, as well as healthcare and banking facilities.

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