Video Analytics for COVID-19 Use Cases

Protecting the Public & Supporting Prevention

Preventing the Spread of COVID-19

Video analytics has always been a critical component in enabling security and ensuring public safety, from preventing incidents by monitoring live feeds to supporting investigations by combing through recordings for video evidence. Today, the role of intelligent video analytics has never been more critical in protecting the public and stopping the spread of Coronavirus.

Contact Tracing
Efficient Contact Tracing

Advanced multi-camera search pinpoints and traces diagnosed individuals, through accurate Face Recognition, Appearance Similarity and Proximity Identification to notify at risk individuals and engage in safety protocols.

Socail distancing video monitor
Enforce Physical Distancing

Quantify and analyze distance between individuals and locations over time to identify non-compliance with Physical & Social Distancing mandates.

Face Mask Detection
Facemask Detection

Apply Face Mask attribute filter to forensically search and identify face mask usage across video. Detect and alert when face masks are detected, or not detected on an individual, in real-time, and understand face mask compliance over time and location.

video security
Manage Occupancy

Monitor the number of people in a space to comply with occupancy regulations and ensure public safety.

People Counting
Reduce Crowding and Hotspots

Utilize dashboards to visually represent object movement, behavior trending, hotspots and object interactions.

Building Maintance
Manage Building Maintenance & Cleaning

Enable count–based alerts for area entryways and triggering notifications for cleaning crews when more than a certain number of people has entered the space.

Proximity Identification

Enhancing Contact Tracing & Physical Distancing use cases with BriefCam’s Proximity Identification capability.

REVIEW: Forensically review video to identify and trace diagnosed individuals, and whom they have been in contact with by using Face Recognition, Appearance Similarity and Proximity Identification capabilities.

RESPOND: Create alert rules to identify when people are in proximity to one another for a period higher than a predefined threshold. Combine with time-based alerts to only notify when this action occurs too frequently.

RESEARCH: With Proximity Identification, quantify and analyze distance between individuals over time and location to identify non-compliance with Physical & Social Distancing mandates.

Video Content Analytics for
Combatting the Public Health Crisis

The national health departments of countries all over the world are acting swiftly to proactively prevent the spread of the disease as effectively as possible and to preserve the ability of respective health care systems to manage the illness domestically.

Understand the key video analytics capabilities playing a role to help protect the public and support prevention of the illness’s spread.