Canon La Notte della Taranta Festival Case Study Video

The BriefCam video content analysis platform integration with the Milestone XProtect software analyzes video using artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning. This allows users to configure real-time alerts based on video, as well as to quickly search for objects or persons of interest in video. In this way, law enforcement can quickly respond to critical situations. Based on digital data extracted from video or provided by external sources, the system can locate people, objects or vehicles and search based on object similarity, applying powerful filtering combinations, including gender, vehicle type, vehicle or clothing color and more. It can report sudden changes in the environment such as object dwelling or the presence of people or vehicles in restricted areas. In the aftermath of the event, the aggregated video data can be leveraged by the platform’s fully embedded business intelligence solution, to uncover demographic segmentations, pedestrian and vehicular traffic patterns and other valuable insights that can drive future planning of the festival.

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