Video Surveillance & Physical Security Industry Viewpoints
May 30th, 2017

Bon Voyage!

How do you effectively monitor video from the numerous cameras spread across an airport when, according to ACI, the traffic of the world’s 20 busiest air passenger hubs grew 4.7% in 2016, with over 1.4 billion passengers passing through their airports in 2016?

How do you streamline operations when year-over-year growth for 2016, compared to 2015 is as follows?

  • Total passengers: +5.6%
  • Total international passengers: +6.6%
  • Total cargo (includes mail): +3.3%
  • Total international freight: +4.3%
  • Total aircraft movements: +2.3%

How do you maintain security and safety in today’s reality (and these are just a few examples…)?

With a continuous increase in passenger volume, strict requirements from governments and homeland security, and continuous terrorist threats in the background, it’s fortunate for airports that video analytics technologies have reached a whole new level.

By using video analytics, airports can gain control over security and operational management without having to allocate huge resources to the matter. Coupled with the VIDEO SYNOPSIS® solution, airports now have bionic eyes and brains to assist with achieving security and safety, alongside compliance and efficiency across the airport.

With thousands of cameras already installed in airports, video analytics based on the VIDEO SYNOPSIS innovation enables rapid review of huge amounts of data for enhanced security, while extracting useful statistical information to improve operational performance, save money, gain business insights and identify key trends over time.

For airports, the range and variety of use cases covered by video analytics is huge: from tracking objects, managing queues and crowds, identifying unattended bags, monitoring passenger flow, controlling restricted areas and counting objects, to reducing risk and mitigating liability, optimizing staff performance, enhancing passenger satisfaction and improving the airport’s retail environment.

And the list carries on and on.

So much takes place behind the scenes before you can truly wish someone bon voyage. Putting video analytics to play is the most effective and reliable way for ensuring safe and pleasant travels.