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February 14th, 2017
Smart Synopsis: Generating Value from Video Analytics Over Time

Last week I presented Smart Synopsis – a highly powerful and intuitive video search engine that allows users to search for specific events by building complex queries. The matching events are rendered as a compact video by order of relevance. Processing the video once, and storing the metadata in an indexed database, enables search results that are returned instantly.

Turns out, that within this metadata are the building blocks needed for most video related applications. For example:

  • A single carefully selected thumbnail image of each object can be used to build numerous user interfaces with quick navigation through events, even on small screen devices.
  • The full track of an object can be used to inject the relevant pixels to complex classifiers such as face recognition systems and optimize both cost and accuracy.
  • Metadata from cameras can be used to connect devices in IoT environments.
  • Big data engines can finally add input from the camera – the most data-rich sensor – to deliver significant business insights.

In short, rich metadata is key to ensure that video analytics solutions (as smart as can be) are sustainable over time and worthy of their investment, offering the ability to grow, add applications and generate value from video across all levels of an organization.