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January 10th, 2017
How to Make a Long Story Short

According to, to make a long story short means abbreviating a long explanation into a short one; to get to the point; to give only the basic facts instead of a full explanation; to give a short version or only the conclusion of a long story; to leave out details of a long-winded narration.

The explosion of video data is making the review of video a never-ending story, unless an effective technology is applied. The beauty of Video Synopsis is that it literally makes a long story short. It does this without the loss of context or content. You can always easily return to the original video and be sure you are seeing everything that happened on camera. Anyone needing to review hours of video can do it in a few minutes. It’s a powerful tool that enables smarter, quicker and more accurate investigation, freeing up a lot of time to deal with other tasks.

Video Synopsis works by separating between static background and dynamic moving events. The events are extracted, tagged and data-based. Consequently, events during the relevant time-frame are presented simultaneously, even though they occurred at different times. Furthermore, events can be sorted and displayed according to a range of different attributes, such as color, size, speed, direction and other parameters and classifications.

When dealing with video review, the importance of making a long story short is a game changer. It’s about eliminating information not relevant to the investigation and getting to the point. When talking with colleagues we refer to this as “time-to-target”. It enables anyone required to review video to accomplish much more both in the quantity and quality of investigation.

The idea of abbreviating a long explanation is ancient, but the expression “to make a long story short” has only been used since the 1800s. For me in the 21st century, in my daily efforts with partners and customers, it’s about Video Synopsis. To make a long story short, I constantly meet enterprises who have failed to utilize hours of video footage until they discovered Video Synopsis. After implementing this solution, they report an increase in crime-solving, more time to deal with other tasks, and the collection of valuable information that has far-reaching implications for the growth and safety of their business.