Video Surveillance & Physical Security Industry Viewpoints
April 25th, 2017

Hospitals Keep Patients Safe with Video Analytics Software

Anyone familiar with the ins and outs of hospital management understands that the security and operational challenges of hospitals are enormous. With thousands of patients, staff members, and visitors entering and circulating the hospital every day, there is much information to monitor and process. While many hospitals know that they need more effective methods for maintaining a safe and efficient environment, most hospitals lack the tools to manage their security and operational needs.

One major setback many hospitals face is that they capture hours of video surveillance, but don’t have the resources to efficiently monitor and review the recordings. While this footage could be used to extract useful information and understand vulnerabilities and inefficiencies in the day-to-day hospital operations, petabytes of video data go to waste every day because there is no way of quickly and effectively reviewing all the footage.

VIDEO SYNOPSIS® solutions offers a smart and reliable video analytics solution for finding targets faster and enabling efficient monitoring. This makes it an ideal solution for maintaining hospital security and operations, facilitating hospitals to:

  • Increase overall security
  • Ensure patient and personnel safety
  • Comply with procedures and regulations
  • Mitigate false liability claims
  • Improve operational management
  • Optimize commercial operations

The ability to easily manipulate video data with filters, makes it comfortable for anyone responsible for reviewing the data to find necessary information, detect anomalous behavior, and proactively prevent inefficiencies.

We can see the profound impact of video analytics  on hospitals by looking back at the Forbes interview with Director of Police, Security and Outside Services at Mass General Hospital, Bonnie Michelman, who anticipated how video analytics could influence hospitals, by combining video and analytics to identify risk situation, crowd control, unattended packages, abnormal traffic flow and suspicious loitering in restricted areas. Today, Mass General Hospital has implemented a video analytics strategy and is leveraging their video data to improve security and operations across the hospital.

And it doesn’t stop at hospitals: As video analytics and VIDEO SYNOPSIS solutions become more advanced, the types of organizations they can help will become more varied, leading to impactful results for many businesses and institutions.