Video Surveillance & Physical Security Industry Viewpoints
March 6th, 2019
Author: Stephanie Weagle

Disrupting Video Surveillance, Analytics, Infrastructure and Beyond: Insights from MIPS 2019

Disruption was the keyword at MIPS Americas 2019. Taking place in Nashville, TN, last week, the Milestone Integration Platform Symposium (MIPS) featured industry leading technologies and thought leaders, innovative technology demonstrations and discussions about – above all else – disruption within the video surveillance industry and beyond.

Digital analyst, author and speaker Brian Solis headed an impressive lineup of experts from Milestone and its technology partners, discussing striking the balance between iterating, innovating and disrupting – how technology providers must continuously improve their current offerings while unlocking new value and driving new behaviors. Advocating for human-centered design, Solis described how the lines between technology evolution and customer behavior are blurring, propelling today’s solutions providers to think beyond innovation. Truly disruptive and transformative solutions are those driven by its users’ expectations and preferences. Borrowing examples from the ride sharing economy, Solis illustrated how providers like Uber and Lyft are disruptive not because they revolutionized the transit space, but because they are fully in touch with customer expectations for immediacy and delivered a solution addressing that cultural shift.

In the video surveillance industry, disruptors are embracing Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, extracting actionable data for analytics and exploring flexible deployment models. The expert speakers at MIPS touched upon each of these disciplines at length, describing current trends, predicting future innovation and highlighting areas ready for disruption.

As demonstrated time and again at MIPS, for the video surveillance industry, the leading driver of disruption is clearly the freedom of choice: For customer trends and tendencies to be fully synchronized with technological evolution, end users must be able to flexibly build solutions customized to their individualized changing needs. As Tim Palmquist, Milestone’s Vice President of Americas, expressed in his address, by tapping into an extensive technology community, end users and integrators benefit from the value and power of the open platform. The ability to create sophisticated and powerful solutions by seamlessly and dynamically integrating diverse technologies is the true measure of disruption in the video surveillance industry.

Milestone demonstrated its own disruptiveness at MIPS by announcing the launch of Milestone Marketplace, a digital community platform for channel partners to leverage when designing intelligent end user solutions. Showcasing innovative partner applications, hardware and services, Milestone Marketplace aims to remove friction and optimize business processes, supporting vendors and end users alike with simplicity, scalability and the best of breed solutions validated by Milestone.

BriefCam also joined the stage to discuss the paradigm shift in video analytics and the unique fusion of Computer Vision and Deep Learning technologies that are making video searchable, quantifiable and actionable. Delving into innovations in accuracy, performance, architecture flexibility and ease of use, the session emphasized the disruptiveness of scalability and extensibility in a video content analytics platform – the paradigm shift driving exponential value from surveillance camera investments.

Looking ahead, technology providers will achieve disruption by driving collaboration and innovation within the partner ecosystem, prioritizing flexible and open integration to meet evolving market challenges as a united front. With MIPS EMEA and MIPS APAC coming up in a few weeks, followed by ISC West, there will be many opportunities to explore and discuss video surveillance and analytics innovation and disruption – we hope to see you there and continue the conversation!