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December 20th, 2016
24/7 Home/SMB Video Surveillance What’s the Point?

A Smart Home Report produced by iControl notes that “90% of consumers say security is one of the top reasons to purchase a smart home system”, and that 65% of consumers consider home monitoring cameras to be the most desired smart home device. IHS predicted that 2016 world market growth for video surveillance equipment would be over 7%, and recent numbers I’ve been hearing indicate the residential market is growing even faster than that. The evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT) coupled with video will continue to make homes smarter.

Every year, more and more IP cameras are being deployed for security and surveillance purposes in homes and SMBs. There are a multitude of reasons the cameras are used, from monitoring pets, children after school and elderly relatives (did Grandma take her pill?), to safeguarding against theft, break-ins, vandalism and other petty crimes such as stolen delivery packages or mail.

Despite all the reasons listed above, I have to wonder: does anyone do anything with their recorded video footage? Busy people are the last ones on earth with time to watch video. My own family is a perfect example. Of course, I have cameras installed in and around my home. But ask me if I’ve ever watched any of the video that has been recorded and the answer is…?

So what’s the point of recording all that video if I, like every other busy homeowner, don’t have the time to watch it all? Apart from making me feel more secure, it enables me to be reactive if something does happen. But that doesn’t necessarily mean I have the patience to watch hours of video on a regular basis.

All this changes with Video Synopsis® the simultaneous presentation of events that lets me review of hours of video in just minutes. Here’s a great example: last year, one of my neighbors across the street had a break in. The house was ransacked and a bunch of small stuff stolen. One of my exterior cameras points down my driveway at my neighbor’s home; it captured the thieves walking up to and around our neighbor’s house, as well as their car as they drove away. Using Video Synopsis, I found the getaway car within about 15 seconds, and was able to give the Video Synopsis and clips of the actual footage to the local police department, who later caught the thieves.

It’s clear that security cameras for home and small business is one of the fastest growing segments, and is becoming a Connected Home safety standard. However, it can only be valuable if it the industry provides tools to make it easy for homeowners to review that video.

Video Synopsis technology gives homeowners the ability to review an entire day’s video in less than a minute to keep an eye on things or to be alerted to specific incidents. At the Baldauf residence, we can review a day in a minute – something definitely worth doing for sake of our family’s safety and wellbeing.

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