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Milestone’s XProtect Rapid REVIEW


Milestone’s XProtect Rapid REVIEW is an intelligent video analytics solution that allows security operators and investigators to efficiently search through hours and hours of video recordings and pinpoint exactly what they are looking for in mere minutes. 

Powered by the innovative BriefCam video analytics technology, XProtect Rapid REVIEW is an add-on product that is seamlessly integrated into Milestone’s XProtect Smart Client. The product is available from November 30, through Milestone certified partners, and it is supported on all paid XProtect VMS products. 


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XProtect Rapid REVIEW

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XProtect Rapid REVIEW Customer Journey 

BriefCam is invested and committed to the advancement of the XProtect Rapid REVIEW customer base toward expanded features and functionality of the BriefCam product portfolio in support of their unique video analytic journey.