BriefCam Whitepaper

License Plate Recognition

BriefCam’s differentiated license plate recognition enables organizations to leverage existing surveillance infrastructure to detect and track license plates in video for rapidly pinpointing vehicles of interest, managing scalable watchlists, powerfully configuring rule-based alerts and visualizing behavior patterns for traffic analysis and optimization.

License plate recognition (LPR) is a way to extract a vehicle’s license plate number from a video to a textual, searchable string (metadata). The accuracy of license plate recognition is dependent on many factors including camera location (placement), camera field of view, distance of camera from vehicles, resolution (pixels), exposure time, video quality, lighting, and angle of camera.

Download the technical whitepaper to understand:

  • How license plate recognition is carried out
  • Market use cases including constrained and in the wild
  • BriefCam’s main LPR use cases and limitations
  • General challenges including camera types, camera placement, framerate per second (FPS), Bitrate, and more
  • Searching for license plates in BriefCam
  • And more

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