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Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Award

As the Internet of Things provides security teams with copious amounts of video surveillance footage that needs analyzing, companies must employ advanced technologies with the capability to review, detect, and track people and objects and transform video into actionable intelligence. BriefCam’s innovative Video Content Analytics platform provides a cutting-edge solution that enables security teams to accelerate investigations, attain situational awareness and derive operational efficiencies. With its revolutionary technology, impressive partner network and customer base, and strong overall performance, BriefCam earns Frost & Sullivan’s 2019 North America Technology Innovation Award in the surveillance analytics solutions industry.

Frost and Sullivan Innovation Award

This report will provide insights into:

  • Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities in the VCA space
  • The innovative technology at the heart of BriefCam’s Video Content Analytics (VCA) platform
  • Award benchmarking criteria

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