Integrated Video Surveillance
for Smart Cities

On Demand Webinar


Explore real-world urban environment case studies that leverage advanced video analytic solutions designed to make cities safer and smarter. Axis camera technologies integrated with the deep learning and insights of BriefCam’s AI driven video analytics platform empowers city authorities, law enforcement agencies, and urban planners to optimize resources, improve public safety, and streamline operations. Discover the expanded capabilities and value delivered in this differentiated and optimized video surveillance solution and learn more about:

  • Planning and infrastructure optimization using business insights extracted from video analytics
  • Leveraging video analytics for proactive crime prevention and rapid response
  • Enhancing traffic management and optimizing urban mobility
  • Improving situational awareness and emergency preparedness
  • Real-time monitoring and anomaly detection for critical infrastructure protection
  • Reduced total cost of ownership with integrated, optimized solutions

Whether you are a city planner, security professional, law enforcement officer, or simply interested in the future of urban environments, this webinar is a must watch!

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