Accelerating Business Outcomes with Transformative Video Analytics


On Demand Webinar: Accelerating Business Outcomes

From the modern-day enterprise to smart cities and government entities, video data is transforming safety and security operations, efficiency, and customer experience.

Video analytics, driven by Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence, is an evolving technology that is increasingly used by stakeholders across organizations to complement their video surveillance investments.

Watch the replay as Omdia’s Analyst, Oliver Philippou and BriefCam’s Chief Marketing Officer, Stephanie Weagle, reveal industry trends, drivers and barriers impacting video analytics today and hear how video analytics drives impactful, cross-functional efficiency when it comes to safety, security, and data-driven decision making.

Key Discussion Topics:

  • Understand the opportunities and challenges facing the video analytics industry today
  • Hear trends in the adoption of video analytics across the globe
  • Discover how video data leverages existing video surveillance networks to derive searchable, actionable, and quantifiable intelligence from live or recorded video content
  • Learn how BriefCam transforms video into valuable insights for rapid video review and search, real-time alerting, and quantitative video insights

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