Behind Smart Cities: Impact of Video Analytics Data



Behind Smart Cities Webinar

Thriving cities effectively use their resources to develop and manage urban areas with holistic solutions for security and city planning, as well as health and environmental regulatory compliance. These Smart Cities use technology to capture data about their operations and work with municipal departments, from law enforcement and traffic management to environmental monitoring and others, to optimize the quality of life and safety for its citizens and visitors.

In this webinar replay, BriefCam demonstrates the role video technologies play in providing reliable data and statistics to civil authorities and discusses what intelligence can be gained from this data to drive change and development within cities.

Learn all you need to know about the latest Smart City video analytics initiatives.

Key Discussion Topics:

  • How scalable video technology is being used to reduce crime activity, enable triggers for intervention on inappropriate or harmful behavior, and optimize pedestrian and vehicle traffic flow.
  • Why collaboration between city departments and leveraging a city’s existing video surveillance investment are key components of a thriving city.
  • Which factors and challenges cities are considering as they select video tools and infrastructures to support their smart initiatives.

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