Advancing BriefCam’s Video Analytics Platform

Capabilities and Deployment Models to Fit the Evolving Needs for Business Intelligence [REPLAY]


Multi-site Webinar

When it comes to deploying video surveillance systems, businesses expect more from their investment – especially when it comes to deriving insights. With uses of video extending beyond traditional, albeit still essential, security monitoring and forensic review, the demand for both trend intelligence and real-time video data is becoming ubiquitous. Not only do retail chains, banks, utilities, transit and government agencies need the ability to process and analyze video locally and per-site, but many also seek to gain valuable cross-site insights through advanced video analytics.

BriefCam’s latest release supports organizations with multiple distributed locations, providing aggregate data from remote sites to empower operators to uncover trends across locations, optimize operations and boost real-time alerting and response – all while continuing to reap the benefits of BriefCam’s powerful analytics platform for making video searchable, actionable and quantifiable.

Join BriefCam’s VP of Technology and Product, Igal Dvir, for a session on the latest market-leading strides made with BriefCam v6.0, including:

  • How BriefCam’s new deployment architecture options enable cross-site surveillance video analysis
  • What are the drivers for BriefCam’s new capabilities and platform improvements
  • Why the power of video is exponentially increased with video analytics [including the latest product demo]

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