Video Content Analytics for Combating the Public Health Crisis

Contact Tracing | Physical Distancing | Occupancy Management


Video analytics has always been a critical component in enabling security and ensuring public safety. Today, the role of intelligent video analytics has never been more critical in protecting the public and stopping the spread of Coronavirus and helping businesses get back to a new normal.

This webinar provides insights and a demonstration of BriefCam’s video content analytics platform for:

  • Efficient contact tracing
  • Enforcing physical distancing
  • Managing store or building occupancy
  • Reducing crowding and hotspots
  • Managing building maintenance and sanitization

In a time where breadth of capability,  accuracy, performance and flexibility are the key building blocks to an innovative and extensive video analytics platform, this webinar session will address BriefCam’s product capabilities, as part of a fully integrated solution for forensic video review, real-time situational awareness and business intelligence.

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