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BriefCam End of Life Policy

Policy Description Effective Versions Effective Date

End of Sale

No new base licenses of the product will be available for sale


All versions prior to the current version

June 30th, 2019

Applicable to all future versions, i.e. when v5.4.1 is released, v5.4 base license will no longer be sold or deployed. 

Expansions to all versions that are not “End of Life” or “End of Support” will still be available.

End of Life

No bugs will be fixed and no update packs will be released 

Up to v4.3 inclusive

June 30th 2019

Bug fixes

Versions 5.x and above

Bugs will be fixed in the next planned version, enabling the customer to benefit from other fixes and new features.​

Under special circumstances (such as a major certification process the customer needs to go through when deploying a new version), bugs will be fixed on previously released versions as a hotfix, but not earlier than the last major

End of Support

No support will be provided, and MAU will cover upgrades to the latest version only 

Up to v4.3 inclusive

June 30th, 2020

Versions 5.x and above

24 months after a version’s release date