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August 13th, 2019

Notte della Taranta 2019: The Canon Group Companies, Led by Milestone, Together to Ensure the Great Salento Concert’s Safety

The most advanced solutions and technologies for video surveillance useful to support the public security equipments and ensure a smooth running of the final evening of the renowned Salento music event on 24 August in Melpignano (LE)

Milan, 08 August 2019 – Everything is ready for the mega-concert – the final evening of the 22nd La Notte della Taranta, (Night of the Tarantula).  The concert is the most famous popular music event in the Italian summer and enlivens the city of Melpignano (LE) annually. There is a whole day of live music, on 24 August which attracts thousands of those who are united in their desire to have fun and dance to the rhythm of traditional Salento music.  The music is a tribute to the Salento cultural tradition which blends with other music styles such as rap, symphonic music and jazz without losing its identity.

Just like last year, the 2019 event will see Milestone, Canon Italia, Axis Communications and BriefCam Group companies, working alongside the “Notte della Taranta” Foundation to provide the institutions and the police the most appropriate security and control measures.  This will give the organizers the most advanced technological IP video surveillance and video analysis equipment.

Installation partner Connect ICS Srl will orchestrate Axis Communications18 innovative digital cameras, Canon’s Crowd People Counter solution, which counts people in densely populated places with extreme precision and speed and Milestone Systems’ XProtect software platform to ensure maximum security for participants, musicians, and staff. These combined solutions will provide an incredible level of detail, sharp images, high resolution, and fast focus for perfect shots even during difficult conditions, such as places with low light, low contrast or point sources of light. In addition to this already high-performance video surveillance system, this year, BriefCam will provide its comprehensive video analysis solutions for post-event investigation, real-time alerting and data-driven operational intelligence, integrated with the Milestone XProtect software platform.

Canon Italia Professional Imaging and Marketing Director ITCG Massimiliano Ceravolo, said: “We are pleased that, for the third consecutive year, the Canon group companies can contribute to Notte della Taranta Foundation security. This is possible thanks to our partner Connect ICS’s professionalism and skills. Connect ICS is responsible for implementing the monitoring system throughout the area and skillfully integrate the different software and hardware solutions. This year, under Milestone’s guidance, we will offer an even more sophisticated installation to monitor the entire front-of-stage area. This will enable group companies to test new software solutions for image-capture management from Axis Communication’s most innovative video surveillance cameras. The large front-of-stage lawn will be divided into analysis and monitoring sessions that will allow real-time search or security checks with the most advanced Milestone and BriefCam software. “

” La Notte della Taranta has become a regular appointment for us”, says Andrea Monteleone, National Sales Manager of Axis Communications Italia, “It is a pleasure to put our solutions at the service of one of the most awaited events of the Italian summer and to have the opportunity to show the potentialities of offering sharp high-resolution images, rapid focus for perfect images even in difficult conditions, such as those that characterize outdoor events so attended: scenes with low light, low contrast or point-like sources of light. A situation in which the level of detail and the high quality of our cameras are essential to ensure the success of the event”.

The software platform used is Milestone’s XProtect Corporate, a choice explained by Claudio Fassiotti, Community Sales Manager South Europe of Milestone: “Our goal is to provide high-quality software which can be integrated with the hardware and software solutions from our technology partner community, for security video platforms and more. For La notte della Taranta 2019, we are providing the complete version of our image management and recording solutions. With our technology partner community strength and the countless solutions from our new Milestone Marketplace brand, we can provide a unique, fully integrated solution with features suggested by our partners for this extraordinary event.

 Complementing the Milestone XProtect software, “BriefCam’s video intelligence technology will enhance the situational awareness of event security, enabling them to efficiently and effectively identify persons, objects or activities of interest; assess incidents as they develop; and determine how to react,” explains Stephen Beach, BriefCam’s Managing Director, EMEA. “Beyond increasing on-site public safety, the event organizers can leverage BriefCam’s complete solution and utilize the same extracted video data to investigate incidents and identify visitor trends after the event – insights that can drive future event planning and business intelligence”.

Canon’s most advanced security technology for the event

Canon Italia will provide the law enforcement and municipal police with its sophisticated Crowd People Counter application software which is designed to count people in crowded places.  By interacting with the video surveillance cameras, this solution can detect people in an identified sensitive area, facing in any direction, with extreme precision. This permits monitoring according to a “threshold” logic for any critical situation.  Using the surveillance camera viewing angle, it provides greater flexibility and makes this tool ideal for outdoor use.

Axis and Milestone’s technological contribution detailed

Axis Communications’ 2MP IP cameras will guard the square and the stage. There will be a mix of Speed-Dome devices with 360° view, Varifocal Dome and Bullet with integrated IR illuminators with an optical zoom. Milestone’s Xprotect Corporate Server software will manage, monitor, record and display in real (Live) and deferred time search of Images which will be taken by the installed cameras using a simple and intuitive interface. With appropriate plug-ins, the software will be the only interface for managing the installed systems.

BriefCam’s video analysis software

The BriefCam video content analysis platform will be integrated with the Milestone XProtect software to analyze video using artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning. This allows users to configure real-time alerts based on video, as well as to quickly search for objects or persons of interest in video.  In this way, law enforcement can quickly respond to critical situations. Based on digital data extracted from video or provided by external sources, the system can locate people, objects or vehicles and search based on object similarity, applying powerful filtering combinations, including gender, vehicle type, vehicle or clothing color and more. It can report sudden changes in the environment such as object dwelling or the presence of people or vehicles in restricted areas. In the aftermath of the event, the aggregated video data can be leveraged by the platform’s fully embedded business intelligence solution, to uncover demographic segementations, pedestrian and vehicular traffic patterns and other valuable insights that can drive future planning of the festival.

Connect ICS Srl: leading the complicated video surveillance installation

The sophisticated technology connectivity system installation for the correct functioning of the Canon, Axis, Milestone and BriefCam technologies is made possible this year by the Connect ICS partner, Lecce. The work was carried out with the Public Safety Authorities, who defined the installation needs, critical issues, and the installation aspects necessary to guarantee the system’s perfect functioning and event safety under any conditions.

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