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April 8th, 2015

Enhanced BriefCam® Syndex 3.1 to Launch at ISC West 2015

Rapid video review transforms raw video data into usable information

BriefCam Syndex 3.1’s next-generation tracking engine offers users insight into metadata.

BriefCam Syndex 3.1. The basic VIDEO SYNOPSIS® technology is refined by parameters such as color, direction, size, speed, and area of interest / exclusion. New features include refinement by path (shown), dwell-time, hierarchical ordering by size (shown) and speed, multiple video source support, and more.

Modi’in, Israel, April 8, 2015 – BriefCam, the developer and provider of the award-winning VIDEO SYNOPSIS solutions for rapid review and analysis of video, will launch its newest version, BriefCam Syndex 3.1, at the security industry’s premiere exhibition, ISC West 2015 in Las Vegas.

BriefCam VIDEO SYNOPSIS technology indexes, recalls and displays events in a condensed format without losing a single event, and without changes to the original video evidence. BriefCam Syndex is offered as a standalone product, or an integrated or embedded part of the VMS environment.

BriefCam Syndex 3.1 offers an enhanced set of tools – Smart Synopsis – for further refining the basic Video Synopsis. In addition to being able to search video by parameters like color, direction, size and speed, similarity, area of interest/exclusion and in/out zoom, the BriefCam Syndex next-generation computer vision engine has been upgraded for even better object detection and tracking, processing performance, improved display, and additional capabilities. These include:

  • Refine by Path – A path is the combination of directions that the object took while onscreen. For example: a person going left and then right, will be presented in a synopsis of all objects taking a similar path.
  • Refine by Dwell Time – Refines the video according to the amount of time an object stays in place while onscreen. For example: a car moving along the scene, stopping for 10 seconds, and then moving, will be presented in a Video Synopsis of all objects that stayed in one place between 5 and 10 seconds.
  • Chronological Retiming – In addition to the synopsis standard of presenting objects in non-chronological order, users now have the option of arranging objects according to the order in which they came on-screen.
  • Hierarchical Ordering & Sorting – Users can now view objects by size or speed in hierarchical order, from largest to smallest, fastest to slowest – and vice versa.

In addition, enterprise-grade versions of BriefCam Syndex 3.1 now offer simultaneous support for multiple VMS types, able to concurrently fetch video originating from different vendor VMSs operating in large heterogeneous environments such as safe-cities, transportation and more.

Infrastructure enhancements have been added for improved robustness, ease of deployment and maintenance.

Dror Irani, CEO and President of BriefCam, said, “Our aim is to transform raw video data into usable information. Our next-generation computer vision engine generates metadata. In essence, the tracking engine becomes a value-extraction machine. Once they are armed with information, users can gain insight from it for a range of purposes”.

BriefCam will be presenting BriefCam Syndex 3.1 at ISC West, 15-17 April, at the Sands Expo Center, Las Vegas, NV, USA. To view a demonstration, visit BriefCam at the following booths Milestone (#20060), Genetec (#10053), and Siemens (#22057).

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