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January 16th, 2024

BriefCam to Empower Businesses of all Sizes with New Innovative Analytics and Architecture Enhancements

BriefCam 2024 M1 introduces Vehicle Make and Model Recognition, integrates RESEARCH intelligence to REVIEW investigations, and offers enterprise-wide business insights for multi-site businesses

Boston, MA, January 16, 2024 – BriefCam®, a leader in intelligent and innovative video analytics, announced today the release of BriefCam 2024 M1, the latest version of its complete and comprehensive Video Analytics Platform technology that supports the evolving needs of growing and scaling end user organizations, companies, and communities of all sizes. Replete with multi-site management products, new analytic capabilities, enhanced deployment architectures, and expanded VMS integrations, 2024 M1 delivers the continual innovation needed to serve the needs of multiple industries. This is on the heels of their new streamlined and scalable hardware plus software packaged solutions, BriefCam in a Box, released in North America in November 2023.

One of the newest product offerings release with 2024 M1 is BriefCam Nexus which is designed for multi-site businesses. With BriefCam Nexus, organizations can aggregate their single site video intelligence across multiple business locations into a single pane of glass. Enterprises can now centralize alert management, aggregate business intelligence, and critically increase visibility between locations.

“BriefCam Nexus transforms the way multi-site businesses develop strategies to positively impact several locations,” said Dana Keren, BriefCam Vice President of Product. “By segmenting and analyzing aggregated data from multiple branches or sites, business leaders are more empowered than ever before to deliver data-driven business insights, decisions and results.”

Beyond comprehensive business intelligence and data visualization, BriefCam Nexus translates video surveillance data into impact for enterprises and their individual branches in meaningful and unprecedented ways such as centralized alerting for cross-site situational awareness and rapid response. Additionally, users enjoy aggregated business intelligence for driving operational decision making, such as understanding customer experience and visitor traffic trends within different branches of a large enterprise or confirming the presence of after-hours workers at each site.

“As a technology, we’ve evolved to meet the needs of companies with multiple locations, offering the complete infrastructure to drive efficient video processing and derive business insights from video,” said Keren. Delivered in a Hub and Spoke architecture model, BriefCam Nexus offers BriefCam’s complete and comprehensive suite of video analytics to make video surveillance searchable, actionable, and quantifiable.

The technology can be seamlessly and confidently implemented using the BriefCam in a Box pre-configured, bundled software and hardware offerings released by BriefCam in North America in November 2023. Specifically designed to optimize performance through pre-configured and tested integrations, BriefCam in a Box hardware packages complement BriefCam’s deployment architectures with compact and pre-installed hardware at an affordable price and easily scale as the organization grows.

With the release of 2024 M1, BriefCam also introduces flexibility to implement its software excluding facial recognition or limiting the capabilities to the platform’s forensic REVIEW module. Regardless of the organization or jurisdiction’s policies, BriefCam provides software solutions that align, enable, and support international and evolving regulatory needs while continuing to deliver comprehensive and accurate analytics for video search, alerting, and data visualization.

2024 M1 also expands BriefCam’s already robust portfolio of VMS integrations and video analytics capabilities, – with updated March Networks, Pelco, and Lenel OnGuard integrations, as well as introducing a new Hikvision integration and the Vehicle Make and Model analytic filter. Based on an ever-expanding list of vehicle brands, types, and colors, Vehicle Make and Model Recognition (VMMR) drives effective and efficient video search and alerting by vehicle make and model and can be used in conjunction with other integrated analytics, such as in-the-wild License Plate Recognition (LPR), to accelerate investigations and increase policing efficiency.

“BriefCam remains committed to its mission of empowering communities and companies of all sizes to translate video into positive business impact,” said Keir Hoppe, BriefCam CMO. “With BriefCam Nexus, BriefCam-in-a-Box, software versions and responsible use practices that align to regulatory compliance, and our ever-expanding suite of integrations and analytics that comprise our comprehensive solutions approach to the market, we demonstrate our continued evolution and innovation to extend the value and reach of our intelligence across multiple industries and segments within those industries.”

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