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March 3rd, 2010

BriefCam® Launches New Version of VIDEO SYNOPSIS® with Enhanced Functionality and New Look

New features for Version 1.3 of the BriefCam VIDEO SYNOPSIS product line include Area of Interest, a sophisticated new user interface and a 65% reduction in synopsis time

Neve Ilan, Israel, March 10, 2010 – BriefCam (, the developer and provider of the VIDEO SYNOPSIS technology for reviewing, analyzing and indexing of surveillance camera content, will launch a new version of its VS product line in time for ISC West 2010.

Version 1.3 of BriefCam VS Online and BriefCam VS Forensics includes enhancements to existing features and new functionalities as well as a sleek, sophisticated new Graphic User Interface (images follow below).

The VIDEO SYNOPSIS solution is a proprietary image-processing technology that creates a summary of the original full-length surveillance video. The synopsis is made possible by simultaneously presenting multiple objects, events and activities that occurred at different times.

BriefCam’s VS products enable the rapid review of captured video footage – with an index to the original source video, the online video feed and offline archival video footage – for on-the-spot event tracking, forensics and evidence discovery.

Functionality enhancements to Version 1.3 include:

  • Improved time saving factor – synopsis time cut by as much as 65%
  • Area of Interest  enables user to demarcate a portion of the screen for synopsis
  • Client supports an unlimited number of channels
  • Greater flexibility in increasing/decreasing event density
  • Support for all leading NVR brands
  • VS Online has doubled its processing capacity to 16 channels on a single server
  • VS Forensics supports expanded list of Codecs and video formats
  • BriefCam has ditched the dongle – all products now software license key enabled

The true breakthrough, however, is a significant reduction in synopsis time, due to a new algorithm developed by BriefCam. This higher level of ordering can reduce synopsis length by as much as 65%, depending on video recorder type, number of events, and user preferences.

Version 1.3 continues our policy of continuing to develop new Video Synopsis applications,? said Gideon Ben-Zvi, Chairman, President and Co-founder of BriefCam. The reduction in synopsis time means that eight hours of footage, which once might have taken six minutes to browse, can now be watched in three or four. The Area of Interest feature was developed in response to customer demand. Processing capacity is now double on the same hardware. Along with a more pleasing and user-friendly interface, these features all work together to better enable security personnel to browse hours of video in minutes, so that our vision of (Total Video Review) at the beginning or end of each shift can become part of their daily routine.

BriefCam’s technology partners may also benefit from the Version 1.3 software development kit (SDK) which incorporates all new features while allowing them to retain their own look and feel.

BriefCam will be at ISC West 2010, on March 24-26 in Las Vegas with partners Milestone (booth #11051) and OnSSI (booth #8074), whose Ocularis product suite features embedded VS Online functionality. Demos for the media may be arranged (contact details below).