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September 2nd, 2022
Video Analytics: Adding Steak to the Sizzle

The featured quotes below from Rebecca Law, BriefCam’s Director of Channel Management, were originally published in the September 2022 Issue of SDM Magazine.

“The video analytics market is part of the vast video surveillance ecosystem, which includes several different types of video analytics solutions. There are point solutions, focused on solving a specific problem or delivering a single analytic or subset of analytics, such as face or license plate recognition. In addition, there are analytics that are integrated into the offering of a particular VMS or embedded into a camera.”

The global pandemic accelerated advances such as people counting and mask detection, which manufacturers quickly released to market based on the new needs. “The pandemic didn’t change customer demands, but it did expand them,” says Rebecca Law, director of channel management, BriefCam, Newton, Mass. “BriefCam played an essential role in supporting productive and rapid contact tracing, as well as real-time alerting and long-term reporting for mask wearing and physical distancing compliance. Furthermore, it enabled organizations to analyze guest and staff activity via heat maps or data visualizations to determine the most trafficked areas, allowing hotels, casinos, restaurants, theme parks, cruise ships, and others to benchmark desired occupancy norms and to set alerts to prevent overcrowding.”