2021 AI-Driven Video Analytics Predictions
for the Year Ahead

video analytics predictions

The closing of 2020 is a time to reflect on how the video content analytics industry might evolve in the coming year. Deep Learning, Edge computing, and COVID-19 are among the key factors that are affecting technology development and adoption today. BriefCam is in a unique position to weigh in with predictions through insights from a broad spectrum of customers and technology partners.

Get the BriefCam perspective on:

  • Why deep learning will continue to drive richer classification, more granularity, and reduced operation cost
  • How edge computing and cloud technology in the intelligent video surveillance market will lead to the adoption of subscription-based models
  • What Covid19-related use cases validated the need for both broad analytics as well as real-time video processing for immediate response in a single platform

Join an upcoming session to understand why video analytics exploded in 2020 and what the 2021 technology developments mean for the use of video analytics across the various facets of modern life.