Frequently Asked Questions
BriefCam Product Questions, answered

What tools are available for developers?

The BriefCam Open API (BOA) is a unified REST API allowing developers to introduce BriefCam functionality into their own applications. The APIs allow for:

  • Returning a list of all VMS cameras available to the currently authenticated user
  • Creating, reading, updating and deleting cases
  • Retrieving the case objects and metadata
  • Exporting case report assets
  • Creating, reading, updating and deleting watchlists, watchlist identities, and the identities images
  • Matching either objects having a face or a watchlist against existing watchlists
  • Acquiring the system’s basic HealthCheck information response
  • Initiating video processing by selecting cameras and time ranges, and to query processing status.

BriefCam’s Video Integration API (API) is a generic HTTP RESTful request-based plug-in that enables third party integration with BriefCam solutions, including real-time (RSTP) video ingestion.

The BriefCam Respond Outbound API enables integration of BriefCam alerts into third party alerting infrastructure by issuing a generic RESTful call to the third-party alerting custom endpoint with detailed information on the alerting event, a downloadable thumbnail, and a downloadable video clip.