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June 1st, 2022
Tech Talk: Surveillance Camera Technology

This featured article was originally published in the May/June 2022 Issue of Security Middle East Magazine.

By Lizzi Goldmeier
Director of Marketing

What challenges currently face the camera tech industry?

As a video content analytics (VCA) company and part of the larger video surveillance technology ecosystem, we have a unique perspective on surveillance camera technology challenges. When it comes to surveillance, although many organizations and cities rely on camera networks for safety and security enablement, they are not realizing the full potential of their video investments.

Their challenges include:

Volumes of Video

An overwhelming amount of video is being recorded. The Omdia analyst firm anticipates that, by the end of 2022, there will be over 1 billion surveillance cameras installed globally. For most organizations, this means collecting video 24/7 without the resources to review, analyze, and utilize the video content effectively and comprehensively.

Human Resources

Typically manual video review is error prone and time consuming. When reviewing video, investigators can experience fatigue and miss key information and trends captured by video.

Siloed Intelligence

Video data remains largely untouched by the organizations collecting it and, even when it is leveraged, it is almost exclusively by security teams for driving public safety and post-event investigations.

Video content analysis is an AI-based software solution that enables video systems operators to take full advantage of their surveillance infrastructure by: rapidly searching and filtering through massive quantities of security footage for actionable information; triggering real-time, rule-based alerts to increase situational awareness and drive faster response time as threats or emergencies develop; and quantifying video data and leveraging metrics for planning, development and operations optimization. Implementing a video analysis tool can empower teams across an organization to uncover valuable insights from video for data-driven decision-making – whether for safety and security or operations and business efficiencies.

What do you consider the most vital piece of camera tech for organizations in the Middle East to have?

Organizations in the Middle East and across the globe stand to benefit from the powerful integrations across the video technology ecosystem, unifying their camera, video management, and analytics systems to advance safety and security, while leveraging video data for insights across business units. As a technology in the video surveillance ecosystem, video analytics empowers people, communities, and companies to maximize their video surveillance infrastructure for critical decision-making.